User Experience: Preventing accidental data deletions by typing DELETE

For awhile now I’ve been using profile management software by Blitzen, and there’s a feature there I really like.

Context: say you’re working on a form, and you accidentally select it for deletion.

On most websites, you’d see a pop-up saying something like “Hey, are you sure you want to delete this?”

On other tools I’ve been in such a hurry that I clicked OK by accident and that “oh…..crap” feeling washed over me.

Some apps, like Gmail, offer an Undo feature which is a way to get it back after the fact.

Blitzen has a cool way to make accidental deletion next to impossible.

For example, when you want to delete a form, you see this function, asking you to type the word DELETE in the textbox.
(I’ve enlarged it in these screenshots):



Note the deleteĀ button is inactive, which implies you have to do something first…like type DELETE.
Also, the input box doesn’t have autofill turned on, so your browser can’t remember to type DELETE for you.

This function is also smart enough to ignore typos:



This gadget makes you think…type the word, then click delete:



Simple…easy to use…and helps prevents disaster.

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