Looking for seating at your local coffee shop?

A friend and myself went into Starbucks last weekend.

About 30 percent of the chairs were available, but we couldn’t find a seat to sit together and chat.

Several small tables with two chairs had one person sitting there, using a notebook PC, tablet or phone. These tables were located along the outside of the store, where the power outlets were.

There’s a big long table at this¬†location, which was pretty much full of PC users also.

Not many use the ‘bar’ seating. Seats are a bit small, and the bar height seems a bit too high (yes, that’s my opinion).

Computer users seems to be there for the free Wi-Fi to do their research/work/email/YouTube watching etc. without being alone in a bedroom, dorm, or home office.

There¬†were “non-electonic patrons’ also. Many of them looked around for seats to sit at, but with no empty tables, they ended up leaving.

So if you were a business owner, competing with Starbucks, and knowing this information, what would you do?

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